William Chomley the CEO and founder of Imagr

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William Chomley the CEO and founder of Imagr

Listen to the interview here

This week Vaughn talks with William Chomley, the founder and CEO of New Zealand company Imagr on their new wireless barcode scanning.

What does Vaughn mean?!

Imagr is creating a system that recognises supermarket products, without the need for barcode scanning.

The benefit of the new system would be towards customers of retailers, shopping around a supermarket with one of these cameras.

Chomley explains the device would use the store wifi and clip onto an existing trolley in the supermarket.

Once you’ve shopped using the gadget, you receive a receipt come straight through to your phone while you’re shopping.

Better yet, you can instantly walk out of the supermarket once you’re done, no need to pay at checkout as the money is deducted from your connected account.

Chomley says the amazing addition to shopping will become live in April this year, at a store in Auckland… stay tuned.

Listen to the full audio with William Chomley above.

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