At IMAGR, we are building a strong team of computer vision and deep learning professionals with a passion for advancing the state of the art.

We treat all applications for roles here seriously. If you would like to stand out from the crowd, we have a fun challenge for computer vision and deep learning folk to show off your strengths in translating research into impact. Impress us with your ability to design an optimal solution to this problem, and we will fast-track you to an onsite interview.

At IMAGR, we develop a solution to provide retailers with the most pleasant shopping experience. However, we need consumers to arrive safely at brick and mortar stores, without colliding with a car driven by a distracted driver. With that in mind, we have picked a Kaggle challenge that saves precious consumers and exercises the skills that our engineers exercise on a daily basis: research, application of research, solution design and coding. The challenge can be found here.


To submit your challenge, send us your solution, a summary of the methodology, any references that are relevant, and a summary of the results (Kaggle scores) to You can submit a link to a download, a GitHub repo, or whatever container you wish. A few notes:

  • We promise to keep your solution confidential
  • We will not use your solution in our development
  • We will provide all attempts with constructive feedback

Good luck, and enjoy the challenge.