IMAGR 2018 Year in Review: Our best year yet

By December 29, 2018News, Updates

What a year 2018 has been! With an AEA win and the launch of SMARTCART 2.0 under our belt, let’s take a moment to reflect on the incredible achievements the team at IMAGR have accomplished in the space of just one short year. Before we begin however, I would like to express my tremendous pride in what the company has managed to achieve throughout 2018, and that none of this would’ve been possible without the world class team IMAGR has become since its founding just 2 years ago. It is through the hard work, loyalty, and dedication of both our technical team, but also our shareholders and partners, that a company with just 20 people has become valued and respected on the world stage, aggressively competing against the likes of Amazon and JD, while gaining praise from renowned retailers globally.

2018 started off with major progress being made on the technology front, with all teams making significant breakthroughs in recognition accuracy, hardware durability and software efficiency. This has put IMAGR in a market leading position when it comes to scalability and cost of installation attracting interest from major retailers in Europe, Japan, and the United States. The age of technological transformation has finally arrived for the retail industry, and just about every major operator is actively looking to implement smart technologies to improve their customer experience and battle against the online giants. As a company, we are incredibly proud that our technology is being embraced by leading brands in retail, and this is a testament to the quality and capabilities of SMARTCART.

Admittedly it isn’t common that a technological solution fully delivers on its promised benefits- and in retail this is evidenced by devices such as the self-checkout or Walmart’s “Scan and Go” solution, which have either failed to gain traction or present other problems such as security concerns. One of the factors which meant IMAGR could design a more powerful solution is because of our size- we’re small enough that we can relate directly to the issues we are trying to solve, while having the resources to tackle R&D.

Our focus is on delivering a product that benefits all parties involved- retailers and their customers. Our key consideration is always how the product is going to be used, and whether or not this delivers a more convenient and personalized experience. We are strongly committed to reducing friction, and this can only be done when the technology works seamlessly- every single time. A successful piece of technology isn’t a chore to use, and our SMARTCART has been designed with this in mind every step of the way. We talk a lot about how small things like manual scanning of each item or waiting in line at the checkout can all add up and create a frustrating shopping experience. It can be said that we are intimately aware of these issues and won’t settle for a half-baked solution.

The groundbreaking capabilities of SMARTCART has seen the company recognized by prestigious publications and institutions such as the Denizen Magazine, the Spinoff, and also the Asian Entrepreneurship Awards in Japan, which we are extremely proud to have won. This has all occurred before SMARTCART’s first official deployment in store, and we envision continued press coverage as the product becomes fully operational.

2018 has seen the company add to its board an industry expert in global retail, with Jeff Berkowitz joining as a board member and bringing with him over 20 years of experience as well as an extensive network of business contacts. Such assets as Jeff will greatly assist IMAGR as we enter our next stage of growth and bring our technology to a store near you!

However, this year wouldn’t be complete without thanking our incredible shareholders who have had the foresight and belief from the start to continue on this ride with us and we look forward to an incredible 2019 that is sure to be game changing.

Thanks again to everyone for making our journey possible!

William Chomley

Founder & CEO