IMAGR was started with the goal of designing a smarter shopping experience which could be accessible to retailers globally, big and small.

IMAGR has developed SMARTCART, a leading retail technology system, bringing connectivity and speed to the daily shopping experience while reducing costs and maximising efficiency for retailers. A user-friendly, frictionless checkout alternative, our fill-and-go shopping solution turns a customer’s basket in to a mobile checkout, and integrates seamlessly with a retailer’s network.

Our One Year Vision

By November 2019, IMAGR’s SMARTCART will be live in 1 store with a paying customer. IMAGR will have developed a scalable AI, software, hardware, and operational solution in preparation for expansion.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

IMAGR will become the global leader in retail experience solutions that is responsible for revolutionizing the bricks and mortar space.

Our Vivid Description

IMAGR’s products will be throughout 90% of the developed world’s supermarkets and retail outlets. We will be the first New Zealand company to pose a threat to international e-commerce giants due to the vast amounts of data we collect and the unparalleled experience our products provide our users. We will do to the retail industry what the car did to the automotive industry, completely revolutionize it. People will refer to IMAGR in the same manner as Google or Facebook.

Our Core Values

Have respect – embody honesty & transparency and celebrate diversity.

Be resilient – failure will happen, accept it and keep going. Fail forward, with a relentless focus on execution.

Bring your best – always strive to better yourself, have pride in what you are doing and delivering. Attitude will determine your altitude.