IMAGR began with a smarter vision; one of a future where seamless customer experiences defined the retail space.

Today, it is smart vision that sees us set to revolutionise this space entirely. Through Artificial Intelligence and computer vision, IMAGR pioneer solutions like SMARTCART.

Through multiple other applications, IMAGR are committed to enabling the fast and reliable identification of people and products, automating transactions, saving time and paving the way to a smarter retail future.


SMARTCART by IMAGR, is the world’s first truly-personalised shopping solution.

Combining Artificial Intelligence and computer vision, SMARTCART allows shoppers to pair their smartphones with shopping carts using a unique QR code, then have their items automatically identified as they are placed in their carts.

When the shop is complete, users can simply leave the store and are automatically charged for their items.

No more queues. No lengthy waits. Just hassle-free shopping in a fraction of the time.

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